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The site is not fully translated into English. We are working on it.

The site "HF Contesting" is intended as a place where all activities related to HF competitions organized by the Amateur Radio Union of Serbia and radio-clubs from Serbia who want to use the opportunities provided by this service will be monitored.

-From pages of this presentation will, among other things, be able to send contest logs to the contest committee through an automated log reception system (hereinafter referred to as a robot). The robot works on the principle that, prior to receiving the log, the competitor sending the log is alerted to any errors in the log being sent. Errors that are detected are only those that are not the received data except the date due to the possibility of sending a log from another contest. The competitor has the opportunity to send his / her log several times during the log recepton time by using the code provided in the mail confirming the receipt of the log. The robot works exclusively with the Cabrillo format and some of its variants.

-During the receipt of the contest log, each competitor has the opportunity to look at their log to determine whether it has been submitted correctly or incorrectly, in order to resubmit a valid log. Only after the deadline for receiving logs has each visitor to the site been able to view all logs received.

-If the competitor, warned by the robot, that the contest log is not in Cabrillo format, the competitor is given the opportunity to modify and convert it's log to Cabrillo format following the instructions of the Cabrillo creator. The log attempting to be translated into the cabrillo format must at least be such that all the data of a QSO must be in same structure (eg CallSign, sent serial number, time ...) and be spaced with at least one blank field.

-The presentation provides an opportunity to view the results (claimed, unofficial, official), but the claimed results are usually automatically displayed immediately after the end of the log reception.

-Using this presentation you can leave your comment which is thematically related to HF contests. No comments are allowed regarding competitor behavior in terms of (adds QSO, interferes with another participant, etc.). For this reason, this option is moderated by the site administrator, which means that the administrator decides which comment will be published.

-Various other options and services will also be considered to help improve membership awareness of this activity.

-All YU radio-clubs that are interested in using the services provided by this site can contact the site administrator via e-mail address to discuss cooperation. It should be kept in mind that the radio-club organizer of the contest, who wants to use the services of this site, should contact the administrator at least 2 months before the contest is held in order to adjust the options to the new contest because each competition has different rules and the process of settlement is not very simple .



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