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Dear contesters.
We did our best to ensure that the best-known contest logging software are supplemented with patches that support the rules of this contest. Contest logging software that currently support the Tesla Memorial HF CW Contest are SD by EI5DI, DXLog by 9A5K, N1MM, GenLog by W3KM and UcxLog by DL7UCX. These loggers are available for download from the sites which are linked on the right side of this page. Loggers are currently free of charge and you can inform yourself visiting developer sites, with all you need to install and use logging software.


For N1MM+, users need to download the file "TESLA_VHF.udc" from official contest logger site.  The udc file must be saved into "N1MM+/UserDefinedContests/" With simple Notepad editor must be replaced at the bottom of the file, string "IO93" with your own QTH locator (first 4 elements). Call history file must be saved into subdir "N1MM+/CallHistoryFiles/" Call history file can be downloaded HERE. Thank's to Karli S52AW & Vinko S53F for creating call history file to support this contest.


We were trying to get in touch with the author of tr4w logger, but unfortunately without success, and thanks to the self-initiative of Jarda OK1HDU who developed "cfg" file that successfully work within the program tr4w. Complete explanation is available on page and easily can be translated into another language using Google translator.
Basically you need to download tesla.cfg file and make a few changes. String "MyCall" to replace with your callsign, string "MyLoc" to replace with your qth locator (first 4 elements). You may configure function keys (F1 - F12) on your way or leave as set in cfg file, but must to replace in any place where it says JO80 to your qth locator. In this way, the program does not calculate points for the worked QSOs, which is not important because the organizer automatically calculates points right after receiving log. After changes made just save the file as tesla.cfg.
Thank's to Jarda OK1HDU for showing effort.

Today, 2019.02.19, Valery UR7QM sent us initial.ex file for TESLA 2019 contest under TR4W (call history). You can download this file from which is zip file. Thank's VALERY.


DXLog software is also supported for this contest. There are 2 files to download from this page. TeslaMemorialHF.txt and TESLA_db.txt . TeslaMemorialHF.txt file should be saved into "Contests" subfolder of DXLog software dir and TESLA_db.txt must be saved into subfolder "Database". Restart DXLog and that's it. Thank's to Dragan YT7M for helping us and also thank's to Dragan YT3W who developed this file needed by DXLog software which calculates points according to the contest rules. To download DXLog which is free go to


Don't worry about calculating contest score. Robot wil do all calculations. Much important is to have accurate cabrillo format to be uploaded after contest.

We take this opportunity to thank the software developers for their  understanding and help they provided, adding support in above mentioned software in order to make the contest successful.

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